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society 303 - cafe | bar

Opening a cafe/bar has been a lifelong dream of mine, although it didn’t always seem within reach. It was a wish and goal I would always write in every journal that I’ve owned since I was 13 years old. I’ve faced a lot of criticism for my free-spirited way of living life and my indecisiveness in choosing a career. You can say I’ve dabbled in just about every kind of job, but the one job I’ve felt most comfortable doing was within the service industry.

Natasha Sztevanovity

I’ve worked in the service industry for many years and have always had a deep-rooted love for it. There is a certain thrill in meeting new faces and hearing insane stories that you’ll only ever hear behind a bar. You create a haven for people who need it most and a space of acceptance for those who feel judged by society.

In 2018, I packed up my car and moved from my home state of New Jersey to this incredible mountain state. I’ve found so many beautiful things along the way, including myself. Learning to tune out negativity and pressure from outside people isn’t easy for me. I tend to be a people pleaser, so I’d listen to what everyone thought was right for me and never took a moment to listen to what I wanted. So, here I am – watching what was once a journal entry turn into my reality.

The last 8 months have been the greatest challenge of my life, but also extremely powerful. When I first stumbled upon the space I’m leasing, I’ll be honest – I was slightly disappointed. I did not have the vision at that moment to see its full potential. So, I began to visit day after day and would sit on the floor trying to imagine it fully renovated.

We are at Aurora, Colorado

Colorado, where the golden glow of the sun illuminates the majestic mountains and paints the city in a warm and enchanting hue.

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